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/* 2 */

//Flip, flop, says the transistor, flip, flop answers the adder, flop flip replicates Xor.

/* 3 */

//-"I am true and you are false," One said to his friend Zero.

//-"But we are friends, that is true and I say it."

//-"True, but it can only be true because I also affirm it," concluded indecisive One.

//-"Look, we're getting close to the control sentence. Let's ask her. She knows all the conditional jumps and the roads they lead to, she's wise."

//-"All right." And there they went to ask If about the truth and the falsehood.

//-"In this traitor code, nothing is true or false, everything depends on the value, on the variables assigned by the programmer." She sentenced in a ringing voice, and added. "According to the variable and your position, it will be your value with respect to the truth."

//One looked at his companion, and moved a position to the left in a very significant gesture, with bright electrons peeking through his eyes, Zero ran a post to follow One. Both smiled happily, and certainty no longer mattered.

//If contemplated them walking away as she raised a flag remembering the gesture that exponentiaded the value of the register of those two inseparable friends, who had been together since the first cycle of the program.

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